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Social Networking Questionnaire

The Social Networking asks respondents about their general feelings about their friendship group, to list their five most important friends, and answer 10 items about each friend. The instrument was designed to assess the child's social network by asking such questions as (1) how many kids they usually spend time with?, (2) how often they feel there is not a group for them to spend time with?, and (3)whether they would like more or fewer friends? Respondents are then asked to list their five most important friends. Questions are asked about each friend concerning the favored activities with that friend, supportiveness, getting into trouble with the friend, age of the friend, ethnicity, gang connections and geographical proximity. The instrument provides quantitative indices of the size, deviance density and characteristics of boys' and girls' networks.

Charlotte Winter


Tom Dishion, Ph. D.
195 W 12th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Citation and Copyright

Andrews, D. W., Dishion, T. J., & Harrington, P. J. W. (1992). Social Networking Questionnaire. Unpublished instrument. Oregon Social Learning Center, Eugene, OR.


Paper versions of the lsnet.pdf (teen version) and psnet.pdf (parent version) were mailed to study participants or given to teens at the peer assessment.

Teleform files available upon request.


Assessment Modality


In our study we gave the lsnet questionnaire only to the student/youth, but it could be given to siblings and peers as well.

Instrument Details

depends on how many friends are listed (10 per friend with total of 5 friends)
Simple sums of people listed in each category:

Total N persons listed
Avr age of peers
Fam members teen would miss
Biofam members teen would miss
Peers teen would miss
Adult pos network
Adult neg network
Peer pos network
Peer neg network
Male peers
Female peers
African-american peers
Euro-american peers
# Peers meet supervised
# Peers meet unsupervised

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Psychometric Properties

Psychometrics for Social Networking Questionnaire - Charlotte Winter
Psychometrics for Social Networking Questionnaire - Charlotte Winter