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Teen Interview

The teen interview consists of 4 sections: Substance Consumption, Peer Substance Consumption, Sibling Substance Consumption, and Sexual Behavior. Each section includes questions about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs. The Substance Consumption section, Section A, includes 103 items which systematically address substance type, volume, frequency, age of first use of the substance, problems resulting from substance use, the way in which the substance was acquired, and parental use and attitude about specific substances. The Peer Substance Consumption, Section B, consists of 17 items about type and frequency of substance use by friends, and the frequency of substance use by other classmates. The Sibling Substance Consumption section, Section C, includes 11 items detailing the type and frequency of sibling substance use. The Sexual Behavior section, Section D, consists of 10 items regarding previous parental and other sources of communication about sex, sexual experiences with other- and same-sex partners, contraceptive use, and pregnancy.

Charlotte Winter


Tom Dishion, Ph. D.
195 W 12th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Citation and Copyright

Child and Family Center. (2001) Teen Interview (CINT). Unpublished instrument. Child and Family Center, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.


Paper version cint.pdf was mailed to teens as part of a packet.

The teleform files is the tfw file, can only be opened in Teleform software.

Assessment Modality

This is actually a revised version where the interview was changed to questionnaire format.


Instrument Details

Because of branching questions, it's different for each person. About 30-60 minutes.
See scoring file for computations and items

Publications & Presentations

Connell, A., Dishion, T., & Deater–Deckard, K. (2006). Variable- and person-centered approaches to the analysis of early adolescent substance use: Linking peer, family, and intervention effects with developmental trajectories. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly (Special issue on variable and person-centered analysis), 52, 421 – 448.


Psychometric Properties

Psychometrics for Teen Interview - Charlotte Winter
Psychometrics for Teen Interview - Charlotte Winter