Measures Access

Measures included in this web-based repository pertain to early adolescent functioning and relevant influential contexts (e.g. family, school, peers, etc.).

They are available for public use to

  • Researchers interested in early adolescent development
  • University/college professors and students
  • Practitioners working with early adolescents in school or clinic settings
  • Program evaluators
  • Measurement developers

Members of the public can access our measures repository, useful for proposal writing, dissertation planning, writing of measures sections in manuscrips, and more

  • Find measures relevant for your research project
  • Find psychometric information and relevant publications about the measure
  • Obtain assessment manuals so you can conduct the assessment
  • Obtain information on scales to help in analyses of data collected from the measure

The public can also add measures and information about a measure, and participate in cross-site collaboration of measure development and dissemination of reliable and valid measures

  • Add information on a measure from your own research
  • Add information on a measure relevant to a particular population (e.g., gender, ethnicity, or race differences, rural versus urban communities, etc.)

Note: You will need to sign up for an account and provide contact information to:

  • Add a measure and information about it to the repository
  • Add information to a measure that is already listed in the repository
(if you are affiliated with the center, email for a login.)


  • Searchable by content
  • Measures available for downloading (if there is no copyright or with permission)
  • Obtain psychometric information (reliability, validity, etc.)
  • Relevant manuals and publications are available or cited
  • Obtain a printable summary report of a measure

Development Team

Julie Rusby, Ph.D. (Oregon Research Institute)
Berni Bullock, Ph.D. (Child and Family Center)
Brian Flay, Ph.D. (Prevention Research Center, School of Public Health, OSU)
Tim Piehler (Graduate student, University of Oregon)
John Seeley, Ph.D. (Oregon Research Institute)
Jeff Sprague, Ph.D. (Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior, College of Education, University of Oregon)
Shawn Boles, Ph.D. (Oregon Research Institute)
Misty Green (Administrative support, Oregon Research Institute)
Ryann Crowley (Entry of measures, data analyst, Oregon Research Institute)
Michael Biglan (Concentric Sky)


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